What I love about SMC

o    Everyone is welcome, and all are supported with top-notch resources

o    Small campus means direct access to caring professors and one-on-one attention

o    Friendly and encouraging community of students allows you to make lasting friendships easily

o    NJCAA Division I athletics – 8 women’s and men’s sports

o    Student activities including student government and leadership, academic, athletic and special interest clubs, religious meet-ups, and more!


I love SMC because it's a very comforting community and environment. People are always willing to help you. The staff is always willing to help you. There's a lot of resources on campus that are available to you.

I originally was planning on going to a large university, and I felt no connection with anyone I met. I took tours of six major universities in and outside of the state. And so when I came on my tour here, I met Dr. Keisler, and that was the first time that I'd had real time invested in me as a student visiting a university.

I love SMC because being able to have one-on-one access with faculty members and the professors, as well as the students here on campus, is just a great thing. And being able to have a lot of opportunities to be involved is honorable.

The athletic program is very rich here in history. We have 12 to 14 different sports who have competed nationally, locally, and even statewide at different competitions. I, myself, am an athlete here at SMC. I'm a tennis player. My personal favorite thing to do when I have free time is to attend the Bible study groups that I do, like Crew and FCA.

The school uses P.O.P.S. to expose students to new things, especially at the beginning year when people don't know each other. They have fun events, in which you can get free food. They also do like roller skating and bowling. It brings whole community together, so we all get to know each other better.