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What's up, guys? This is Nick Hughes. I'm a sophomore here at SMC. And I'm going to take you on your first half of this campus tour. So let's get started.

First stop on the tour, we have Hammond Hall. It's over 100 years old. 75 male students, two male students to a room. Just got recently renovated. So it's a great place to stay.

Next up, students center. Behind me we have the Student Center, which houses the bookstore, game room, and the buffet-style cafeteria, which is my personal fave because what's not to like about all-you-can-eat buffet, right? Next stop is the Montgomery Science Building. This is where you'll come for your math, science, and criminal justice courses.

To my left is the Water Building. I come here for history and education classes. And then we have chapel. We have services here every Wednesday at 11 o'clock. There's no courses held at this time so everyone can make it.

Hey, y'all. All I'm Sarah Grace Reed. And I'll be taking the tour from here.

First stop is the coffee shop. This Starbucks just opened. And I absolutely love it because I love their java chip frappuccinos.

Right behind the coffee shop and the Ballard Center are three residence halls-- Parsons, which is a male residence hall; Judd, which is a female residence hall; and Bridges, which I love because of the suite-style rooms. Moving on. And Sparrow residence hall is basically the male version of Bridges. It also has suite-style rooms.

And right next to Sparrow is Bridges Arena. Come on. Bridges Arena is our gymnasium. And it is where we host our home basketball and volleyball events.

The final stop on our tour is Ellis Hall. This house is our English and humanities division and a ton of classrooms. It also houses Gibbs auditorium, which, has a theater major, is where I spend most of my time.

Thank you guys so much for coming on this your with Nick and me. I hope you enjoyed it. But I do have to say, you really should come check it out in person.

I've got to run to class. Hope to see you guys soon. Bye.