Tuition Relief

o    Over $3 million in scholarships and grants awarded every year – and students have a great chance of earning one

o    SC LIFE Scholars qualify for SMC’s Full Tuition Scholarship, meaning $0 for tuition

o    Part-time job opportunities on and off campus

o    Dedicated Financial Aid counselors help you build an individualized aid package you’re comfortable with

o    Students leave SMC with a leadership transcript to show to transfer colleges and employers.


Students here tend to leave here little to no debt, and that's just based off some of the scholarships they provide here at SMC, and even work studies and things like that.

I love attending SMC because of the affordability of the school. So SMC offers a work-study program for college students like myself, and I participate in the work study and I work in the Office of Development where I am able to practice communication.

As soon as people come on campus, they can meet their financial advisors the first day to work out their scholarships and get a clearance card and those kind of things.

Since I'm an out-of-state student, SMC is very cost efficient. Had I gone anywhere else, I would have had to pay out-of-state, which SMC really doesn't do.

A great financial opportunity here at SMC is the LIFE Scholarship. Some of the requirements for the LIFE Scholarship would be maintaining a 3.0 GPA and graduating from a South Carolina high school.

Financial aid advising is always available here. You could pretty much always walk into an office, you might just have to wait, like, two or three minutes and they'll be right with you. They'll look up your name and give you an overlook of what you need to do, or improve, or pay, and they'll definitely work with you and what you have.