Commitment to Job-Ready Graduates

o    The Camak Core: experience 18 hours of dedicated career preparation (for college credit!) as a four-year SMC student

o    Every student in the Bachelor of Arts program will complete an internship, regardless of concentrations

o    Earn an associate degree in just two years, and if life causes you to take a break from school you’ll have your first credential in hand while seeking employment




The reason I love SMC is because of the people here, and how the professors and the president care so much. They have shown in multiple ways, that if you want to succeed, then they are 100% there to help you succeed.

They Camak Core is our set of classes that every student, regardless of their major, will take as a part of our bachelor's program. It is a set of classes that are very unique and very focused on gaining experiences for students.

Spartanburg Methodist College prepares young people for their next steps, no matter what those next steps might be. Each student in the Bachelor of Arts program will complete an internship, either in semester or over a summer. And that is intentional. We want our students not only to gain knowledge in the classroom, but also experience. That makes them a more complete job candidate when they're applying for jobs.

Every student who begins their freshman year here and plans to move through their bachelor's degree, so a four year degree, will complete an associate's degree in route. At a traditional four year school, you don't get any sort of certificate or anything that marks completing half of your bachelor's degree. And so this is a great way to say after two years, you have a degree, and then in two more you can have another degree. But students can also start with us after they've completed an associate's degree elsewhere and have a seamless transfer into our bachelor's degree.