Career-Focused Liberal Arts Education

o    Two-year and four-year degrees designed to make you marketable for jobs after college

o    Every SMC student assigned an academic advisor and faculty mentor; get the personalized career counseling you need and deserve

o    Internships, knowledgeable guest speakers, and other professional experiences give you an edge over other college grads

o    Hands-on projects on campus and in the local community = project ownership and real-life work experience for your resume


A liberal arts education teaches students the things that they need to do to be successful; critical thinking, analysis, both on the quantitative and qualitative side. It's something that you can't necessarily get in a specific major, but you can get in a broad-based liberal arts education. And that education is what employers are looking for, and it's what our students are able to do as soon as they leave college and enter into the workforce.

We focus also on the experiences, experiential opportunities off of campus, and also bringing speakers in from local businesses, local organizations, that expose students to all the possibilities for their career.

So SMC provides two-year and four-year degrees. And for the bachelor's degree, we offer four concentrations, Business, Religion, History, and English.

At Spartanburg Methodist College, we offer the opportunity for students, not only to have an academic advisor, but also to have a faculty mentor.

We are place based. We're in Spartanburg, South Carolina. We are affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Those two pieces of our community are vitally important. Both allow us to really be where we are and to do hands on, collaborative projects that are a part of our community.